​​​​​Monica's Romanian Rescue

All adoptions are subject to a homecheck, which will be conducted following a conversation over the telephone.  The homecheck will be carried out by an experienced home-checker who will visit your home at a mutually convenient time to go through a series of questions to ensure that your lifestyle and home environment are suitable for the dog you wish to adopt. 

If the homecheck is successful, you will be asked to pay the adoption fee of £285 to reserve your new furry friend.  This fee goes towards the transport fee (see below) and the cost of vaccinations, microchips and the EU Pet Passport.  For your security and peace of mind, we generally ask for the adoption fee to be paid through Paypal, however we are able to accept other forms of payment should you prefer.  Receipts will be provided.

All dogs are vaccinated, microchipped, wormed & flea treated before travelling.  Each dog comes with their own EU Pet Passport & an Export Certificate is generated for TRACES (a system for tracking the movement of animals and products of animal origin from both outside of, and within, the European Union).  

We use a company called A2B Pet Transport to bring our dogs to the UK.  A2B Pet Transport are fully DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) approved.  Their vans are heated, ventilated and air conditioned to ensure the animals travel as comfortably as possible.

The dogs leave Romania on a Day 1 and arrive in the UK on Day 3 and can be collected from one of four designated collection points. The collection points and dates of the transport runs will be provided when you enquire/reserve a dog.


It is recorded on the Importation Certificate that we have to fill in for DEFRA, that your dog is booked to be handed directly to you on arrival in the UK.

This means that DEFRA may, or may not, call you at some point to come and inspect all of the paperwork. This involves scanning the dog’s microchip and checking that their paperwork matches the Pet Passport and the dog’s chip, i.e. the dog is the dog that we said it is on the paperwork.

Please do not be alarmed if they call you. It is standard practice and the criteria is that they check 1 in 10 dogs handed directly to the adopter, so you may be that 1 in 10.

Do not be worried and do not be intimidated by them. Usually they are very nice, polite and helpful. Arrange a time with them that suits you. If they turn up unannounced, you are perfectly at liberty to tell them to come back at a more convenient time for you. Usually the check is done within the first 48 hours of the dog’s arrival SO for the first 48 hours after arrival the dog must be resident and remain at the address on their paperwork i.e. your home. Walks, vet visits etc. do not count in this ‘remain’ period.

After that 48 hours, your dog is free to move around wherever you want - on holiday, to another address, wherever. BUT FOR THE FIRST 48 HOURS, THE DOG MUST REMAIN AT YOUR HOME.

For the DEFRA visit all you need is your Pet Passport and your dog!

If you have any questions about the adoption process, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

The adoption process