The adoption donation was documented and receipted which was again appreciated. I am amazed at how you manage to cover the costs for this donation. Thank you for all the updates on her journey to us and for putting me in touch with another adotper to help with transport and delivery at a mutually convenient location - this saved so much time. When she arrived she was extremely happy, in good health and had travelled well. She has fit in with us amazingly and had the perfect character to cope with my whippets! All the paperwork that documents her vetinary care - injections, etc is extensive. I love her passport!! If anyone is considering adopting a dog they would be well advised to get in with you as you are so sincere in helping dogs in desperate situations. We are truly delighted and I will continue to support you. Again thank you. Best wishes Tracy and family.

Pirate's story

Hi. I just wanted to thank you and the team so much for all your hard work and for matching our family up with our adorable Pirate; the whole process from the outset has been so simple and rewarding.

I was considering bringing another dog into our family when I first came across the charity when looking on Pets4homes. I was immediately interested when I saw the great need for these dogs. I then researched on-line what Monica does and made a donation as I really wanted to help. Following this I got in touch with you to make an initial enquiry about adopting. Your information, advice and immediate responses to all questions was fantastic. The next step was the home visit which was organised by you very quickly and to fit around me. The two visitors were lovely and again very helpful. I was thrilled we passed and again contact was regular and useful and in no way 'pushy'. You went to great lengths to find a dog that would fit with my children, cats and dogs and I really appreciated all the photographs and additional information.

I can highly recommend Monica and the team. Star, who we now call Coco, is brilliant. She is such a wonderful dog; so loving and friendly.

I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work. If your'e thinking of having a dog please choose one of Monica's - you will not be disappointed!


Coco's story

After losing our dog Tess, we said no more dogs but after some months you begin to miss coming home to a welcome tail wagging. After stumbling onto a pet website called Pets4homes, l fell in love with a little cutie; Missy.

I drove my husband mad so he said to go head and enquire. I sent an email and a lovely lady (Nicola) rang me. She explained everything about adoption and that we need to have a home check.

After the home check was arranged we got so excited , but after our home check sadly Missy passed away. I was heart broken. Nicola was brilliant. We decided to adopt another puppy; she was called Star. I fell in love with her cute face and could not wait to get her.

Nicola made all the arrangements, all we did was pay the adoption fee. I could not believe how simple and quick it all was. We got receipts for everything and Nicola even arranged for someone to bring her to our home. 

Story's story

We recently became the proud family to have Story join us. She has been with us for just over two weeks. I cannot put into words the feelings that came from first seeing this site and finding Story, and with Lydia Rogers and Jane Watters, we then began the anxious wait for a house check etc.

Story has brought such a change to the family. Even though my partner and I are separated she has brought a calmness and we as a family all have walks with her. Our other dog Max loves her, but she is the boss! 

Anyone thinking of a dog please look at this amazing site. With people with true hearts and love doing soooo much. Thank you for the opportunity to share our lives with you and the dogs.

It was just before Christmas that I spotted Nicola’s ad on the internet for Monica’s Romanian Rescue – and all the dogs needing homes. My heart went out to the plight of these dogs, and what a hard job Monica had undertaken to save as many dogs as she could from certain death.

It was so easy to adopt Roscoe thanks to Nicola. After many emails to and fro, and a home check visit from a local lady, it was just 3 weeks later that I adopted Roscoe! It was a snowy Sunday morning when I drove down to Carlisle from St Andrews, where I was met by a volunteer driver from Yorkshire, who delivered little Roscoe to me. And there was this gorgeous, teeny weeny little Pug/Terrier cross pup looking at me. He arrived with his Romanian passport and fully inoculated – and all ready to get on with his new life here in Scotland.

He’s a fantastic, resilient, extraordinary little fella and has settled really well. Full of beans and very happy all the time and up to such antics – he has us laughing every day. What a huge character for such a wee dog – and as the weeks have passed he’s truly blossomed! Reckon he’s made himself well and truly at home. We are so delighted to have him in our lives! 

Roscoe's story

We had a home visit before going ahead and follow-up communication as to how we were doing. Monica's volunteers all really care. A truly rewarding experience! 

My phone message enquiry about 'Ursu' was returned within a couple of hours by Nicola - one of the UK volunteers - followed up with fuller information the very next day. Nicola was very open that Ursu was a senior dog that had spent his whole life on the streets and in various shelters, latterly sponsored by Monica, and as a result had become fearful of humans. But we decided to go ahead with a back-up plan from Nicola if things didn't work out. The costs and arrangements were clear, simple and everything happened as described. Nicola couldn't have done more to keep us in the picture and to ensure that Ursu's travel arrangements from Romania were as stress- free for him as possible.

A naturally nervy Ursu arrived in January 2015, complete with all his documentation and looking very healthy. He bonded with us overnight...all he'd ever needed was love and a home. He's getting to grips with the rules from scratch and is paying us back in spades with his affection and willingness to learn. We're sure he'll flourish with patience and time.

Ursu's story

Whilst no-one can ever guarantee 100% the nature of a dog  - even a pedigree - Daisy had been with Monica long enough for them to assess that she was gentle, great with the other dogs, cats, and perhaps most importantly was well behaved with Monica’s young daughter and had shown no causes for concern. All payments were thoroughly explained and sent securely - something my other half is quite rightly a stickler about - and then all we had to do was wait for pick up day.

When we collected Daisy and I finally cuddled that thin, tired little body in my arms, she rested her head on my shoulder and  I knew we had done the right thing. A very special thing. Watching her blossom from a timid little soul in a strange land to a bouncy, clever, confident little lady has been a joy! I had braced myself for all kinds of behavioural issues but to be honest - I’ve been pleasantly surprised. She house trained easily and learned basic training in no time. Of course it takes some effort on the part of the owner: start as you mean to go on. Have boundaries, show consistency, and do your homework as you should with any new pet - but oh my word I’ll bet you won’t regret it! There is a special kind of love from a rescue dog - it’s like they just know.

I can’t imagine not having Daisy in our lives and my little one adores her. Our other dogs are so laid back and very gentle but Daisy is blummin’ good fun (especially if you’re five years old.)

If you’re thinking of getting a dog PLEASE consider one from Monica. We’ve learnt since her adoption that some of the other pups found around the same time as her weren’t as lucky and it just broke my heart  - especially when I know so many people go straight to a breeder. I say adopt don’t shop! The entire process was still far cheaper than getting a KC pedigree pup and lining a breeders pockets. This organization is about the dogs not the profit, and I consider myself lucky to have such a cracking little puppy.

The support both during and after the adoption process is incredible, and with the contacts you’ll make and the Facebook page you’ll never be alone in your experience.  You’ll doing a very special thing . . . go for it!

We weren’t looking for another dog, having two large rescue dogs already, two cats and a five year old daughter. But for whatever reason, Daisy’s picture popped up on-line one evening whilst browsing and I just melted. My practical side told me we’d be mad to get another pet. We were a full enough household . . . extra responsibility, extra expense, what if our animals didn’t like her? What if she nipped our daughter? etc etc.

Well thank goodness my heart rules my head. I could not stop thinking about little Daisy - about the cold weather they were expecting in Romania, and how tiny and thin she was. . . so it started with a brief enquiry e-mail to Nicola. The e-mail led to a phone call, and the phone call led to a home check.

The whole process was genuinely a lot simpler than i’d anticipated and everything was explained to us with honesty and detail. Nicola got in touch straight away with Monica over in Romania with our many MANY queries (after all - we didn’t know these people and had no knowledge of the process) and they covered everything we need to know. Communication with everyone involved was excellent.

Daisy's story

After searching for over two years for a rescue dog with no luck we had given up hope of ever finding a dog that would fit into our home with our Jack Russell. I came across Monicas site by accident one Sunday morning and found numerous rescues that were just beautiful and the stories broke my heart. After showing my husband he was a little less enthusiastic to say the least but we kept looking at the picture of one little lady throughout the day and eventually my heart ruled my head so I contacted the rescue via Facebook and within minutes was contacted back by Joanne who guided me through the process which sounded very straight forward. 

She arranged a home visit within a few days and we got a call hours later to say we could adopt Hope. We were nervous at adopting a dog we had never seen and from abroad..... would she be house trained, would she walk on a lead, what if she was aggressive?

Bridie's story

Adopting Bella Bear has been the best thing we have ever done and she is a very well behaved puppy, however she was quite nervous of men for a week or so but now she loves everyone she meets and fantastic with other dogs. I would totally recommend having a Romanian rescue dog from Monica as they are all special little dogs who are so grateful for the love from their new family's.

If my circumstances were different my house would be full of these little darlings!

My homecheck was approved and I was in touch with the UK team who gave me details of where to send the payment to. The payment covers transport costs, vaccinations, worming and flea treatment. The payment process was very easy to follow receiving confirmation of payment. All I had to do was wait information of when I could pick Jimmy up when he arrived in England.

The dogs are transported in a safe and secure animal transport van. Jane put photo's on facebook and sent them to me of Jimmy being put on the transport and being given cuddles from Monica. I was given the address from where to pick him up. I was informed that I needed to take proof of ID, a safe pet carrier and a slip lead.

When the van pulled up, I was overwhelmed with excitement though I was not prepared for what happened next. When I gave the driver my ID, I caught a glimpse of Jimmy and oh my goodness I cried, and cried with joy, happiness and sadness that he looked so sad. There was about eight other dogs in their cages on the van. Jimmy was handed to me and I have never been so emotional since Ii gave birth to my children. He clung to me not sure what was going on or where he was.

When I got him home, I surprised my husband with him for father's day! We decided to call him 'Stanislav' a Romanian name, but we call him 'Stan' for short. The rescue team advise you that the first two weeks are the hardest. This little boy quite often would sit on the hard kitchen floor rather than on the warm carpet or brand new bed I had bought for him. He hid under the dining room table as he was a bit wary of men.

I cannot stress enough how much love this dog gives to us. From the moment I first cuddled him he has been such a loving dog and everyone I meet comments on how beautiful he is. Stan has longer front legs than back legs, has one ear that sticks up and one that stays down. He is special in so many ways. It didn't take him long to adjust to his surroundings and soon became friends with Max and Jess. Because he used to eat for survival on the streets he tended to 'wolf' down his food so quickly so I had to take away any food that the other two didn't eat as he would eat that too. We were very lucky and managed to walk Stan off the leader in places not near a road. He is full of energy and would run forever. Stan loves cuddles sitting beside my husband and me. He puts his front paw on my arm to stroke him. I feel he has had such a rough ride in the little time he has been alive. He was about 1 year old when we got him. Stan is so caring and is always around to make you feel happy. I am so pleased this little furbaby came into our lives he is amazing, special, friendly, cuddly and happy. 

I felt i wanted to help this rescue charity as they had given me such a beautiful dog. So this year I fostered Elsa and then Jasmine.  Elsa had been in Monica's care for a year and Jasmine was saved by Monica after she had been run over. I felt I could give these two dogs a good start in their search for a forever home. Elsa went to her forever home in Stockport and Jasmine to her forever home just ten miles away from me. These dogs gave me so much pleasure and I was so blessed to be able to help them. I now can't decide whether to continue to foster or adopt. But whichever I chose, I know will be the right one.

Stan's story

By one of our adopters & fosterers, Caroline...

Panduta's story

Roux Bear's story

​​​​​Monica's Romanian Rescue

In May 2015 I decided i wanted to adopt a rescue dog. I had two dogs already Jess, a miniature Jack Russell, and Max, a Bedlington Terrier. I was very new to this and wasnt quite sure where to look.

I got in touch with a Jack Russell rescue in the south of England but received a very snooty reply. I was talking to the lady who is Max's dog groomer. She put me in touch with Monica's Romanian Rescue as she did homechecks for her and had adopted dogs from her also.

I was sent 6 photos of various dogs. I fell in love with the first one I saw; 'Jimmy' he looked so sad and thin. I was informed that I had to have a homecheck and an adoption fee would apply. The lady who came out to check my home was very thorough, checked my garden was secure and had a cuddle from my two dogs. She told me information about rescue dogs and how different they are as they had been living on the cruel streets of Romania. Jimmy had probably never been in a home before and had to fend for himself for food, water and shelter. 

I explained that I had two cats and she said if there was a dog that I was interested in then she would have him/her cat tested and send me a video link. 

I saw Bridie's story (then Precious) and she really tugged at my heartstrings and I knew that I wanted to be her new mummy to love and care for her. Her story was so pitiful and heart-breaking.  She had been found by Monica on a rubbish dump with her babies suffering from severe demodex and malnutrition and her body had shut down.  But with Monica’s love and care she saved her life, along with three of her babies. 

I had a home check within two days and by day three confirmed that I was a suitable adopter and Bridie would be coming to live with us. I collected her just in time for Christmas and she instantly made friends with Murphy, and my two cats Alfie and Smudge.  She was the best Christmas present ever. To say she had never lived in a house before she certainly made her self at home. She is a lovable little girl with bags of character and very cheeky with it.  When I look back at her original pictures I can hardly believe it is the same dog, her fur has totally grown back and in the two months that I have had her she is now like a fluff ball. She has made so such of an impression on us that, I have decided to adopt another Barkley who will be living with us very shortly.

I cant express all the hard work that Monica and her team both in Romania and the UK do. I feel so privileged  to have such a wonderful dog in our lives. 

We decided on Christmas Day that it was time to have another dog after loosing our beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier Abby 18 months ago.

My sister has a friend who is involved in Monica's rescue site and she contacted her to see if any dogs were available, luckily for us Bella Bear (Panduta) had been rescued a few days earlier by the lovely Monica and helpers and we were sent a picture of her and fell in love with her straight away.

After a couple of phone calls Bella Bear was reserved for us and a home check was carried out two days later and we were given a date when our dear little pup was to arrive in England from Romania.

The adoption process was very straight forward and could not have been easier, and we collected her from Crystalvale Kennels in Kent who were also amazing people that received her and looked after Bella after her two day journey from Romania. 

After losing my beloved German Shepherd, Bramble, suddenly in November,  I was looking for a play mate for little Murphy, a Patterdale-Poodle cross. ​I had previously had six rescue dogs all from the UK which Bramble and Murphy were two of them. 

I desperately searched my local rescue centres but nothing seemed to quite suite our home-style as I also have two cats.

One evening I came across the Pets4home website and saw numerous dogs on there from Monica's Romanian Rescue.  I googled the website and saw the plight of all the poor wee souls in Romania and I was instantly in tears and knew I had to try and help. 

​I contacted Monica an she redirect to me to Jane who is in the UK. She was so informative told me the whole process from beginning to end.

To be honest we had no expectations and decided to just go with it, take as much advice from the numerous people on Facebook who had already gone through the process and give our new girl as much time and space as she was going to need.

The Thursday following our house check Hope set off on the transport neutered, vet checked and immunised with a full EU passport. She then spent two days in kennels while her paperwork was checked. We set off on the Sunday morning feeling a little apprehensive, she had been through too much already and we desperately wanted her to feel happy and loved. We met other adopters and volunteers for Monicas rescue on arrival and when the van opened its doors and we saw our beautiful little lady along with her puppies ( she was still a puppy herself) all our worries disappeared, she was adorable. We were given our paperwork and spoke with the other adopters, got plenty of advice from Jane and a few tears and hugs later we were off with our new girl Hope. She is nothing but perfect, most people we spoke to before were unsure and really negative about adopting from Romania. The words " wild" and "street dog" were mentioned but I read numerous story's on the site and all were positive so went into the adoption with a positive and open mind.

We have had Hope now Roux Bear for two weeks and although our 8 year old Jack Russell Florence has been a bit jealous for a few days Roux is settled and very loved. She has met every challenge with exuberance and everyone who has met her just loves her. The process from beginning to end has been faultless, smooth and reassuring.

I can't thank Monica and her wonderful team enough for bringing this little lady into our lives....... Go on let your heart rule your head, these dogs deserve a chance of a life and give nothing but pleasure ( and a few wet kisses) in return.

Murdina, Michael, 3 kids, 1 Jack Russell,1 cat and 1 beautiful rescue. Xx

We started our foster life with Dana. She was a tiny, nervous little girl who soon came out of her shell. She was adopted by our friends and is now bigger than an Alsatian and so beautiful and confident. Her adoption broke Mandy's heart and she swore she wouldn't do it again......... Until she saw a picture of Bramble!! She came along like a whirlwind. A special smile on her little face, she settled in straightaway. We took her to our fun day where we raised money for Monica. A lovely family fell in love with Bramble and after a homecheck, we handed her over. Her mum calls her the devil dog!! She is truly cheeky and likes to rip things up!! We then took Bluebell, Brambles sister. Now Bluebell has the most fantastic set of teeth, similar to her sisters but more higgledy piggledy! Bluebell stayed with us the longest, almost 6 weeks. She stole my heart and I still miss her. She was adopted by our friends parents. She's the only dog and much loved. We saw her at Christmas and she recognised us which was fantastic.

After a little break, we then took Mabel, we only had her 2 days and she was snapped up by some friends. Now called Jessie, she has grown into a beautiful dog who is so loving.

Trinny came next, Mabel's sister. Trinny, now Rumour was already reserved but we had her for a week. Again, she is confident and happy living on a farm with her horse friends.

Last but by no means least, we took Mishka, the last sister to Mabel and Trinny and daughter to Precious, now Bridie. Unbeknown to us, Mishka stole both our hearts and we couldn't bear to let her go. She has joined our family and has completed it. She is just the happiest little girl who makes us smile all the time. No more fosters for a while now but hopefully in the future we can help some more babies!!