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Aside from donations, there are other ways you can help to raise much needed funds and doggy items for Monica's Romanian Rescue.

Ursu: Never give up on a dog

One of our fabulous adopters has written a book, inspired by rescuing a dog from Monica's Romanian Rescue in 2015 and intended to boost awareness of the plight of Romanian street dogs and raise funds for the rescue.

Entitled, 'Ursu: Never give up on a dog', Sarah Napier's book is available to buy on Amazon (link below) and has some excellent reviews.

If you are a dog-lover and like to read, this book is a must! Be warned, however, it's a bit of a tear-jerker; you'll need tissues at the ready (but it does have a happy ending!)


Monica's Romanian Rescue relies entirely on the donations and generosity of its supporters to keep the dogs safe and fed whilst waiting to find their forever homes.  All donations are therefore very gratefully received. 

Our preferred method for receiving donations is directly into our bank account, the details for which are:

Alternatively, you can send donations via Paypal (using the friends & family option) to:


Thank you for your generosity!

Other ways to help