Handsome little Rocky was handed into the kill shelter along with his mum, Snowy, because their owners no longer wanted them.​

Rocky is 6 month old and small in size. He is a happy, friendly little lad.

Rocky is hoping that his new mum or dad spots him very soon and offers him a new home, a comfy lap and all the love he's probably never had (until he met Monica!)

Bob is 2 years old and small in size (around 7kgs). He was found in the fields by the shelter all alone.

Bob is looking for a patient home where he can take things at his own pace and learn to trust people. He needs love, patience and kindness - something which he'd probably never had until he met Monica. 

Could you offer this beautiful black & tan boy a safe, loving and patient home? For more information, please get in touch. 

This sweet lady is Snowy and she was handed into the kill shelter along with her son, Rocky, because their owners no longer wanted them.​

Snowy is 3 years old and small in size. She is a happy, friendly little lady who likes to give you love & kisses!

If you could offer Snowy a happy, loving & forever home please get in touch. 

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If you haven't found who you are looking for today, please come back soon. 



This happy little chappy is Herby and Monica rescued him from the streets. 

Herby is 1-2 years old and small in size (around 8kgs).  Although he's had to have his coat shaved off as it was so dirty and matted, he'll soon be a fluffy boy again! 

Herby would really love to find a home and a mum or dad to love him and spoil him rotten! ​​For more information about this gorgeous chap, please get in touch. 



This is Pongo - a very handsome fluffy boy who was abandoned at the vets by his heartless owners. 

​Pongo is 6 month old and medium-large in size. He is a quiet, friendly boy.  You will see in some of his photos that he had to have his coat shaved off - this is because he was full of fleas - it will soon grow back.

Could you offer lovely Pongo a chance to be happy again? For more information, please get in touch. 


Monica found this pretty little tri-coloured girl in Pallady kill shelter.

Sansa is 3 months old (May 2019) and will be a medium sized adult dog. 

Sansa really needs to find her forever home as soon as possible; she deserves much more than to be growing up in a shelter. For more information about this gorgeous girl, please get in touch. 

Gorgeous Annie was found on the streets. At around 8 years old she was inevitably someone's much loved pet not so long ago. 

Annie is medium-large in size (around 25kgs). She is an incredibly friendly and affectionate girly. 

Annie deserves to find happiness after a sad few months losing her home and then having to survive on the streets.  If you could offer this to her, please get in touch.

This is gorgeous Puck. He was handed into the kill shelter when his owners woke up one day and decided they no longer loved or wanted him.

Puck is small-medium in size (10-12kgs) and 5 years old.  He is a friendly chap. 


Puck really needs to find happiness in a home again; he really doesn't deserve to have suddenly had his world turned upside-down and found himself without a home.

For more information about this lovely chap, please get in touch. 






Introducing (in no particular order).......

​​​​Please note that the age stated for most dogs is only an estimate, and with young dogs who have been rescued

from the streets it can sometimes be difficult to predict their adult size. 




​​​​​Monica's Romanian Rescue

Lovely girl Nancy and her gorgeous babies, were found trying to survive on some waste ground.  With the cold winter approaching and the dog catchers at large, none of them stood a chance of surviving without Monica's help. 

Nancy is medium in size and 5-6 years old.  She is a timid and nervous girly and has lived in our shelter for 3 years and so will need to go to a patient home where she can grow in confidence at her own pace.

If you are interested in offering Nancy the forever home she deserves and has waited far too long for, please get in touch.

This beautiful lady is Sasha and she is 10 years old. She ended up in Monica's care when her owners sadly died.  

Sasha had mammary tumours which have been operated on. She also has Cushings, although she is not receiving any treatment for this at the moment. 

Sasha loves to sleep and is very clever - she will talk to people when she wants something!

This lovely old lady deserves more than to be spending her retirement in a shelter. Could you offer her the loving home she's waiting for? 

Sweet baby girl Coco was saved from the street where Monica found her all alone. At 3 months old (May 2019), she wouldn't have survived for long living on the streets. 

Coco will be a small-medium size adult dog.  She is a fun and friendly little bundle of cuteness who will make whoever adopts her very happy. 

If you could offer Coco home, please get in touch. 

My name is Maggie, I'm an adorable girl of about 16 months old.

Due to me not liking my mummy's cats, I sadly need to find a new home.

I'm a loving friendly girl who loves a belly rub and a fuss, although I'm not too keen on being brushed.

I can be slightly fussy with my food, I don't like that dry stuff...I'm only little and like the good stuff....I'm not too keen on treats either!! Mummy says this is why I'm so slender!!

I love to be in the garden although big outside spaces are a bit scary still, I've only been here a short time and need to get used to the big wide world. I can be left alone for a few hours at a time but I do love human company. I don't like cats or dogs that are bigger than me as I'm only a small girl of about 7kgs.

I am currently in the Bedford area.