Introducing (in no particular order).......

​​​​Please note that the age stated for most dogs is only an estimate, and with young dogs who have been rescued

from the streets it can sometimes be difficult to predict their adult size. 



This extremely handsome scruff is Rufus.  Monica found Rufus roaming the streets all by himself.  At 6 years old he was almost certainly once someone's family pet who suddenly found himself homeless for no reason whatsoever.

Rufus is a medium sized adult dog (around 12kgs). He is a very friendly chap whose tail doesn't stop wagging. 

If you are interested in giving this wonderful lad a home, please get in touch.

For more information about Lila, please see the 'Dogs already in the UK' page.





Monica picked up this small sized, absolutely adorable little girl from the streets.  At around 10 months old, she most probably lived with a family until she was longer a cute fluffy puppy, at which point they threw her out.

Black dogs are so often overlooked in shelters. Please don't let this happen to Mila; she deserves more than to be spending her days in a shelter and having to face an absolutely freezing cold winter without a comfy lap to sit on and a warm bed to sleep on.

If you could offer beautiful Mila her happy ever after, please get in touch. 

These three Dachschund mix brothers were rescued from the Pallady kill shelter.

At a year old we suspect they were living in a home until they were no longer wanted and dumped at the shelter.

The boys are all small in size and patiently waiting to find their new mum or dad and their happy every after.  


For more information about Teddy, please see the 'Dogs already in the UK' page.




This little fluffball is Iris. Sadly, she has found herself living in a shelter after her cruel owners abandoned her at the vets.

Iris has an old injury to her back leg which although has been treated and is now healed, has left her with an odd gait.  Fortunately, this doesn't stop her from running around, playing and enjoying life to the full. ​​Iris is small in size (around 6kgs) and is an extremely affectionate and friendly girl. 

If you could offer this wonderful little lady a happy ending to her sad story, please get in touch.  

Beautiful baby girl Katy was saved from the streets during a spay  neuter campaign.  She is so sweet that Monica couldn't bare to leave her on the streets cold, hungry and alone.

Katy is 5 months old (November 2019) and will be a medium sized adult dog. She is a very friendly girl, and as you will see from her photos, she absolutely loves a fuss. 

If you are interested in giving Katy a happy home, a comfy lap to sit on and a warm bed to sleep in, please get in touch.

Monica picked up Susie, along with her four puppies, from the fields by the shelter. She'd done a good job of being a mum, considering she was homeless and hungry. 

Susie is 3-4 years old and medium in size (around 10kgs). She is a shy, friendly girl who needs to go to a patient home where she will be allowed to do things at her own pace.

If you could offer beautiful Susie a safe, loving & forever home, please get in touch. 


This gorgeous girly was rescued from the street.

Cally is 2-3 years old and around 22kgs. She is such a friendly girl who absolutely loves a stroke.

Cally is looking for a place to call home and a family who can give her all the love & attention she deserves.  ​If you could offer this to her, please get in touch. Cally is happy to be around cats. 



For more information about Bobby, please see the 'Dogs already in the UK' page.


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Lilly is a beautiful baby girl of 4 months old (November 2019). She was found on the streets during a spay & neuter campaign, and was too tiny to leave to fend for herself and so Monica took her back to our shelter.

Lilly will be a medium sized adult dog. She is very playful, very friendly and gets on well with other dogs. 

Lilly really needs to find a happy loving home and leave Romania and it's impending freezing cold winter behind her forever.  If you could offer this girl a home, please get in touch.

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