​​​​​Monica's Romanian Rescue

Teddy is 2 years old and currently in foster in the Portsmouth area. He is very playful and loving. He adores cuddles but only when HE asks which is often! He can be very soppy but equally loves hard play with you or another dog. Teddy adores toys and likes to have soft and hard toys to choose from. He loves you to play with him and will bring you toys but he will also occupy himself with one if he needs to. He LOVES a squeaky toy!​

​Teddy is happiest when he is out and about exploring and running about off his lead. Teddy is VERY active. He is NOT a ‘walk around the block on a lead’ dog. Traffic is not something he can cope with as it stresses him out greatly and so walks need to be in woods or countryside areas. Teddy is amazing with all other dogs big and small but strangers cause him stress and so he must be placed on a lead near any new people he meets. Once he has met someone a few times, he is lovely with them. Teddy is used to wearing a muzzle when around strangers.


Lola is currently in rehab in the Bridport area of Dorset and has done amazingly well over a 6 month period. Lola is now ready to move on to her forever, she needs a quiet home ideally, semi rural or rural with a very patient family.

No children under late teens, ideally as an only dog, as she needs time and input.

She will need time to meet and accept new people, so ideally someone local to Dorset that will be prepared to travel for meet and greets with her, would be perfect.

Lola will need to be home based only, for the first month with minimal interaction with visitors, she will need her own crated secluded area so she is not over faced with people.

Lola will leave rehab with work plans for the first 6 months minimum, as it will take time for her to settle fully in a new home.​

Teddy would ideally like to be rehomed with one other dominant dog so that he can play and mess about with. Teddy sleeps all night without a peep. Once he’s gone, he’s gone and doesn’t wake until the morning. He loves to sleep on the end of your bed in his own soft bed. Teddy is housetrained. He is NOT to be rehomed with children. Teddy is NOT cat friendly.

Teddy is fun and loving and very intelligent. He will make you smile and laugh every day. But, he is equally a challenge and his training must be maintained for some time yet. He needs a patient home where you will be willing to work with him and appreciate him for who he is. Teddy has not had the best start in life so let’s find his Happy Ever After.

Any potential adopter will receive guidance and work plans to help Lola to continue moving forward.  Lola is a lovely lovely girl that just needs someone to love and believe in her and want to continue with her training.

​For more information about Lola, please get in touch.