​​​​​Monica's Romanian Rescue

My name is Lila, I'm 2 years old and I am currently in foster in the Portsmouth area.

My foster mummy says that I am a perfect little girl because I’m shy and quiet and I absolutely love my cuddles.

I walk beautifully on a lead but this doesn’t mean I want to be on it, I love my walks off lead and I am very obedient and love running about and playing with all my doggie friends.

I really want to live with other doggy friends and could easily live with more than one. I don’t want to be on my own.

I am still quite a scared little girl and sometimes I even think the people I love want to hurt me, but I am always friendly and will never ever refuse a cuddle!

​I can be left for a few hours quite easily, I will just sleep but I would love someone at home most of the time so that I can have lots of cuddles (did I mention I love cuddles?!).

Currently living in Devon, beautiful Jess is again looking for a new home.

As a puppy, Jess was found frightened and alone on the streets of Bucharest. Jess was adopted but the adoption did not work out as the adopter did not have the experience to manage her needs.

Jess then went into a wonderful foster home and she was again adopted, going to a home with several other dogs living there. Jess has been in this home for 2 years but has unfortunately had several disagreements with one of the bitches in the home. This has led to several fights so for the safety of all involved it has been decided that a new home should be sought for Jess.

Ideally, Jess needs a home where she will be an only dog or with a calm, male dog. Jess will not be homed with children. A large secure garden, someone at home most of the time and lots of exercise. Jess likes her own space and will give affection on her own terms. She is a very intelligent girl.

For more information about beautiful Jess, please get in touch. 


I would like to sleep on your bed with you, please. I curl up and you won’t even know I’m there.

If you want a quiet doggy that loves cuddles (oh I so love cuddles) and who’s barely any bother...I'm the pooch for you!!
Love from Lila ❤