​​​​​Monica's Romanian Rescue

Don’t be fooled by my cute photos. I am gorgeous but I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you are interested in adopting me, then you need to be in no doubt as to what you are taking on.

In my one and a half short years, I have had 6 homes. This has all been due to my behaviour. The longest home I’ve had is my foster home where I currently live and I have been here 7 happy months.

In return for adopting me, this is what I’ll do: I will bark, lunge and go completely ballistic at everyone I see, and I will nip if you don’t keep me away from people. I really hate people on initial meeting, but, if you continue my training, I can actually be a very good boy. You just need to help me EVERY time I meet someone. 

​I love my foster mummy so much but I even nip her if I feel stressed so you need to know that I may still do this to you too. I respond to correction but you have to correct me A LOT! 


​​I don’t sleep a great deal in the daytime because there is just too much trouble to get up to. I love adventures and racing around after me all day will become your new hobby. Unless you continue my training. But...I LOVE my toys and games and I never ever chew things in the house.

I love a good play fight with my foster dad and I also love to play with other dogs so I would love to live with a doggy friend. I hate cars and all moving objects and will attempt anything to get to them. Unless you help me not to. As a thank you for training me and not giving up on me, I will show my gratitude by using your bed as a toilet. I will also do this in my own bed, I don’t care. Unless you help me not to. A week will not go by that I will not want to make you cry. I will frustrate you and make you feel like giving up on me but I beg you not to. All I need is a strong family that will teach me the way. Despite all my flaws, I am always happy, I love my cuddles and I will always make you laugh. In my heart, I am a very good boy, you just need to find me.

This is what my foster mummy says about me: Teddy has been with us 7 months now and he is a different boy to when he first arrived. He has proven clearly that he is very able and so willing to learn and be trained. He wants to be corrected and is so much happier when he is. But, due to the behaviour that he has learned, his ongoing training MUST be constant, every single day. It cannot be underestimated...Teddy is hard work! He will NOT change in a few days, weeks or even months. Teddy adores all dogs and therefore would love to go to a home where there is another active dog. He loves to tear about and play. Teddy is very funny, he will make you laugh every single day. He is incredibly loving and asks for cuddles and will let you know when to stop. He does NOT like being picked up randomly unless he asks you to. Even then, you will quickly learn when your time is up! Teddy does not chew in the house, he adores toys and often takes one to bed. He will sleep all night every night without a peep. He likes to sleep on your bed or in his own bed as long as he is with you, he will not disturb you all night. Despite his issues, Teddy absolutely MUST live in an area where he can be walked off of his lead at some point on his walks. Teddy is VERY active and walking purely on a lead causes him immense stress. He needs to go somewhere where there is perhaps woodland or countryside where you can see far ahead for people in the distance. His ideal location would be rural where he can lead an active lifestyle and come across few people. Teddy is fantastic off lead now, he will not run off but he will tear around but stay fairly close by. When I see someone, he can be popped on a lead until they pass or you can change direction. His recall has come on amazingly since he first arrived but will still need constant training. Teddy is NOT and I cannot stress this enough, he is NOT a dog that can be purely lead walked. He is NOT a ‘walk around the block’ dog. As long as he can be occupied at home with toys and a playmate, an hour and a half walk is all that he requires. And if there are occasional days where you cannot get out due to unforeseen circumstances, Teddy is absolutely fantastic with his toys and doggy pals. Due to a recent serious incident, Teddy now wears a muzzle when out on walks. So you will also need to be aware of this. Teddy is reactivate to literally EVERYTHING and you need to know this.

Teddy must go to a home where there is strictly NO children or visiting babies/ children. If you’ve read this far and think you can be Teddy’s very last home, please get in touch. Teddy is a fabulous boy but he needs a home where he is never given up on again. GIVING HIM UP IS NOT AN OPTION.