​​​​​Monica's Romanian Rescue


Monica Teodorescu lives in Bucharest, Romania. 

Monica is a school teacher with a husband and teenage daughter but in her spare

time, she rescues dogs from the streets and from Bucharest's municpal 'kill' shelters. 

Romania has many street dogs. Sometimes these are pets whose owners no longer want them and others have been born on the streets and fought to survive. 

Whilst on the streets, not only do these dogs have the daily struggle of finding food and shelter, they are at risk of being run over, freezing to death during the cold, harsh winters, or caught by the dog catchers who take them to one of Romania's municipal 'kill' shelters. Whilst in these kill shelters the dogs are starved, beaten, poisoned and many suffer a very slow painful death.  You can read more about the homeless dog situation on the "Why adopt a dog from Romania" page.

If you are interested in re-homing any of the dogs on this website, or would like further information about any of them, please use the 'Contact Us' page and one of Monica's team in the UK will get in touch.

This website and our Facebook page are updated regularly so if you don't find exactly who you are looking for today, please come back soon!

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Monica Teodorescu